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11 Tips For Letting Go Of Relationship Baggage

Baggage Reclaim has almost posts about breakups, boundaries, dating, emotional unavailability, happiness and self-esteem, healthier relationships, patterns and habits, living the low BS Diet life, and values and compatibility. This section is basically a list of everything. For podcast episodes, check out the podcast area.

Baggage Reclaim Home – Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue. Let Go of Emotional Article by. Natalie Lue | Tips for living with more love, care, trust & respect.

Jennifer asks: I have a classic, Natalie! After nearly a year, and several half-hearted attempts on my part to break it off with him, I finally sat him down and told him enough! I was really hurt but relieved. I reluctantly agreed. He continued to text me and I texted back for a few days then I finally cut contact. This lasted about 2. A few days later he began texting how much he missed me and I let him drop by to say hi. This led to spending the day with him and sleeping with him.

I have no idea what to do. Should I attempt No Contact again? Should I concentrate on this new guy so that I can build up some dating confidence again, or should I just be alone?

Life tips for living single, dating, and relationships.

Well, at least that was the case until my most recent ex. Nothing has worked and just going on Tinder or contemplating the idea of being with someone again induces anxiety. What is going on with me? Will I be able to date again? For a time, you were able to get away with dating emotionally unavailable men, probably able to compartmentalise your various involvements and distract yourself with attention from a new guy.

They have all been stored away and avoiding feeling and systematically putting you through the cycle of unavailable relationships has taken its toll.

Readers leave hundreds of comments on her blog posts and Facebook page, thanking Natalie for giving practical dating advice and sharing.

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Natalie Lue is the founder of Baggage Reclaim, a site that empowers people to offload their baggage—and discover their great selves—by providing advice, tips, tools and inspiration to help them navigate dating and relationships although much of what Natalie shares is applicable to life in general. Born in the UK and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Natalie Lue worked in various media roles until she went full time with writing at the start of , while on maternity leave.

She started blogging after a bad date eight years ago, and has been madly in love with blogging ever since.

Jennifer asks: I have a classic, Natalie! He won’t even commit to a relationship with me. After nearly a year, and several half-hearted attempts.

After having been a rebound girl the summer of , I swore I would never get involved with another emotionally unavailable man who had baggage and was a poor communicator. After a heavy night of drinking he confessed that he was scared to get into another relationship because he associates them with pain and feeling trapped. He would give this a try. How can someone do a overnight? It dawned on me that he probably had one foot out the door the entire time.

Why did I, yet again, get ahead of myself and trust someone that I barely knew? I confronted him about it and he took no accountability for ending things the way he did. He has convinced himself that he is being honest with me. He became hostile and angry that I contacted him. I came to realize he will find another awesome girl and do the same thing to her to fill his void of being alone.

I sent myself in to a six-week black hole, and I will never get those six weeks back. I always thought of myself as someone who had high self-esteem , but I began questioning why I was upset over someone who shut me out so intensely and quickly. The people whose opinions matter are the ones who have actually stood by me through thick and thin. I have gone through this before, and I will go through heartache again.

Stuck In A Toxic Relationship? Q&A With Baggage Reclaim’s Natalie Lue

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Natalie with Baggage Reclaim gets it – really gets is. Natalie started blogging in June after a bad date with a “nice guy. better than just asking your friend for advice, because most people don’t listen to their friends.

We’ve put together the best collection of positive quotations, inspiring stories, and words of wisdom for you. Our experts share wellness advice and life lessons to help you through difficult times. We all need to learn to trust our first instincts, and that definitely applies to our romantic or love relationships, or any relationship at all. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart. Literally an hour had gone by and a serious amount of excuses and debating had been going on.

All of these people end up extremely hurt, rejected, distrusting, and even blaming and shaming themselves. In the quest to get […]. One of the most common examples of this is when someone is accused of having a disproportionate response to discovering that they […]. Every Myers-Briggs personality type is often attracted to a certain quality or situation that although over-generalised and cliche, can actually….

Baggage Reclaim. There are behaviours and situations that get presented in relationships that signal that you need to opt out or at minimum, slow down and address the situation before proceeding.

Reclaim You: 100 Tips For Dating With Your Self-Esteem In Tow

These six people do much more than blogging, so we thought they deserved an extra bit of recognition for the dating help they offer to their readers. Published author, Zoe Strimple, is a well-known dating specialist, currently writing a thesis on the history of dating in the 20 th century. Her work is beneficial and relevant for both men and women.

Advice Wednesday: I Realised I Never Asked For What I Needed In My 5-Year Relationship & Want To Go Back. by NATALIE | Sep 21, | Letting Go |

We hear a lot about boundaries, but what exactly are they? Psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend, authors of the best-selling Boundaries series of books, liken boundaries to an imaginary fence we erect around ourselves. We determine what kind of people, behaviors, and activities we allow into our space, and what kind we keep out. Boundaries give us a clear idea of who we are and what we need.

According to Cloud and Townsend, many of our relationship struggles comes down to a failure to set and retain boundaries. So what does that look like? Both the Boundaries authors and self-esteem coach Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim offer some guidelines for couples:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Want a Strong Relationship? Set Strong Boundaries The better your boundaries, the freer you are to care for yourself and truly love your partner. In Boundaries in Dating , Cloud and Townsend say that where there is deception, there is no relationship , because if your partner is deceptive, you can never be sure what reality is. Once trust is broken in a relationship, everything must stop.

Advice: How do I meet men? Meeting men when you’re conflicted and avoiding a serious relationship

You know what’s annoying? Dealing with old relationship baggage. Here you are, bravely trying to move past old drama and old issues. But no matter what you do, the past keeps following you around, tainting your current life, and making it all way more difficult than it needs to be. Cue frustration, angst, and a huge desire to move on.

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Maureen asks: My dilemma is that I have been dating this guy for close to eight months. He says he really wants to get to know me better but sometimes his actions tell me different. When we are waiting for our dinner at a restaurant he transports himself somewhere else like if he is hypnotized I feel ignored. He tends to get easily irritated and something that is starting to annoy me is that sometimes he stutters which makes it hard to communicate but this is only sometimes, its kind of weird.

He is hardly affectionate and hardly hugs me or holds my hand. I felt rejected and confused. I believe he might have someone else. It would be nice to know what the heck is going on his head. Sometimes he tells me he cannot be himself when he is with me I try to be as cool as I can but still he thinks the same. Simply put, he confuses you. The messages are mixed, and the forecast for the future is cloudy—at best. But in this specific case of yours, there are other possibilities at play that potentially complicate the matter.

For example, based on his reaction to your attempt to escalate physical interaction with him, he may be very self-conscious about the concept of having sex…at all. Some men are ashamed of themselves physically and this literally paralyzes them.

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If you’re looking for a happy, healthy relationship then maintaining contact with your ex could be holding you back. Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim explains.

Bethany asks: I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years just over a year ago. At the time, I thought that it was because I met someone else but after a short relationship with the new man and some serious self-reflection while single, I realised that it was because I never really asked for what I needed in the relationship. We had one big fight at the beginning which was definitely all my fault long story short, the man before him dented my self-esteem and so I was pushing my boyfriend away and because I felt guilty about this behaviour, I never liked to argue or confront him if I was unhappy with something in our relationship.

He is the first person I think of when I wake up and the last person I think of at night. I am constantly driven by a desire to be back with him but afraid of grovelling on my knees and being rejected. Is it even possible to make it work a second time round? If not, how on earth can I get over this? As humans, we have a habit of rewriting the past to suit a present-day narrative. Going through some serious self-reflection is no bad thing, in fact, if only more people would self-reflect to a more balanced perspective, there would be less chaos in dating and relationships.

Suppressing and repressing your true needs, expectations, desires, feelings and opinions to avoid conflict, criticism, rejection and disappointment people pleasing is very detrimental not just to your sense of self but to how you show up in your relationships and even to who you choose as a partner. Conflict is a necessary part of life. Consistently being authentic and showing up in the relationship represents our needs to ourselves as well as to our partners.

You were making a rod for your own back by trying to influence and control his feelings and behaviour with people pleasing and hoping that this as well as him potentially reading your mind would solve the issues and make you feel better. Your suppression limited your connection to you which must have felt lonely a times in your relationship s.

Missing Someone That Mistreated You is Like Mourning The Loss of Trash