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YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau had people shocked when they revealed they were getting married after just two months of dating. Would you have expected anything else? In a, um, romantic gesture, he surprised her on stage before reciting an X-rated poem, revealing that the pair had hooked up two years before. However, with Jake going on to have a relationship with Erika Costell , and Tana dating Bella Thorne and Brad Sousa, it seemed like there was nothing more there. As all good couples do, Jana went on to get matching tattoos, with Jake introducing his girlfriend to his mum. Then came the proposal. With the pair catching a party bus to Las Vegas, it definitely seemed like they were going all out.

Hype House and the Los Angeles TikTok Mansion Gold Rush

Ali-A is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet, and chances are you’ve watched one of his videos online, or have had one of your mates tell you to watch them! But he’s done loads more than just play CoD and Fortnite online – find out everything you ever wanted to know about him here! All the best heroes have names that alliterate – where the first and last names start with the same letter.

Ali-A is the same!

This is also the lesson that she wants to send across to other topics like how the female body changes over time to dating advice and politics.

Are Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera dating? That seems to be the question on everyones minds lately. Well guys, J caught up with Brent recently, and Eva at the American Heart Association Red Dress event on February 7, , and she spilled all the tea on their relationship once and for all. So can we officially start shipping Breva? Are you just friends? Eva also spilled on her favorite thing about Brent and what they like to do together, and it could not have been any cuter.

Disneyland with Eva 4 years ago VS today.. I did not see this coming.. As J readers know, fans have been speculating that the two YouTubers were dating for a quite some time now.

6 things I want you to know about our interabled relationship

Well, I didn’t know Sumeet Vyas was married! Remember the time when you thought YouTube was all about movie trailers and ‘old is gold’ kinda music tracks? It also happened to be that one platform where we could get access to those rare videos which wouldn’t be available on television otherwise. Well, well, well The tables have turned now.

With the passage of time, YT has managed to transform a lot.

Ali-A is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet, and chances are you’ve They met at a gaming event called Gamescom, where they met each other at the​.

I have experienced this not once, but twice. My relationship with Alex was actually what I would consider a pretty decent relationship – at least at the start. We dated publicly, he called himself my boyfriend, we visited each other and made videos together and I even still to this day believe he genuinely cared for me for at least some of it.

In hindsight, the relationship was strange. I was twenty years old at the time, not a minor by any means, but I was not very emotionally experienced when it came to dating – so to me, this was a wildly romantic and spontaneous gesture. Now I know it was not. It was creepy, and pushy, and something I had zero say in. Please, if anyone reading this finds themselves considering meeting an online friend with the intentions of potentially hooking up, please have a serious conversation about it together.

This is a big step you need to agree to take together.

Celebrity Splits of 2020

YouTube is better than reality TV. There’s something so entertaining about following people you don’t even know IRL. Maybe, it’s because they actually want us to tune in.

Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas are two YouTubers who are dating each other. They have an estimated net worth of $12 million. They do.

The Philadelphia-based couple started a second channel during their relationship to vlog their daily lives. In they called it quits on their year relationship with a heartbreaking video uploaded to YouTube. The guest appearances have led fans to wonder if the former couple is going to reunite at some point. Smith lost her mother to the devastating disease when she was just Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Now, however, it looks like Wellens has a new leading lady, and the internet is abuzz because of it.

So, is Jesse Wellens dating someone new? In the video posted in May , Jesse and Jeana explain that their relationship turned toxic due to the constant filming they embarked on. The pair began their daily vlogs in Shortly after the video was posted, Wellens was linked to several Instagram models after he moved from Philadelphia to New York.

According to Hollywood Life , Wellens might have been stepping out on Smith before the official split. In a video posted on August 17, , Smith delved more deeply into the break up in an attempt to stop fan questions.

How Much Money The LaBrant Fam (Cole&Sav) Make On YouTube – Net Worth

From how YouTube fan bases work to life as a blind person, here are five women YouTubers providing the kind of content you simply must watch. From frisbee tricks to motivational videos, the platform offers a pot-pourri of interesting things to watch. However, there are several women who are now breaking out of this mould of quick and funny videos and creating socially-responsible and informative content that one would never have seen if not for a platform like YouTube.

Here is a compilation of some women YouTubers that are bringing content that deals with topics ranging from mental health, dating as a blind person to advancing women of colour. This is why her seven-year-old channel has gained over K subscribers.

but the YouTube star has decided to put his dating life on hold as he basketball game cozying up to each other.

A popular and controversial YouTuber based in Toronto has admitted to lying about his girlfriend dying in a car accident in a video he posted last week. In it, Ethier admitted his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, is very much alive and claimed that she’s now “trying to ruin [his] life. It’s unclear where the alleged police report was filed. The drama began last Tuesday when the YouTuber announced in a now-deleted, monetized video that Marano had died after being hit by a drunk driver.

In the video, Ethier appears upset and seems to wipe away tears. He also recruited a friend to film him at a fake memorial site for Marano on the side of a road. He also mentioned her plans for their joint channel, Dream Team. According to YouTube commentator channels and their screenshots , the initial fake video had racked up at least , views.

The video caused immediate suspicion within the YouTube community. User SomeOrdinaryGamers made a video where he recorded a phone call in which a Toronto police officer says the department has no record of death for anyone named Alexia Marano. Then, later in the week, Ethier deleted that video and subsequent stunts like one where he summons Marano using a Ouija board — all of which were monetized — and published the admission.

Throughout his admission video, Ethier insists he should not be the only one to blame for the hoax. Ethier claimed Marano’s parents had grown increasingly concerned after seeing the initial fake videos published and had threatened to go to the local news if the couple didn’t come clean.

Meet the New Celebrity Couples of 2020

Forever a sign of a healthy relationship! Take our hand; let us guide you through the dark reality. He admitted, months later, that they never wed. Just one month post-engagement, at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas, the two declared each other man and wife in a ceremony that lasted a whole ten minutes.

“They could make another video and say; ‘Look, we’ve actually decided we love each other too much and we want to be together,’ and that’s.

Subscriber Account active since. A year-old YouTuber by the name of David Dobrik was recently named Generation Z’s favorite social media personality in a survey from financial analyst firm Piper Jaffray. If you’re not a teen, it’s possible you’ve never heard of the star. He’s a celebrity that’s risen to fame thanks to social media: He got launched into the spotlight on the video-sharing app Vine, and has since turned to YouTube, where he has more than 15 million subscribers.

His elaborate stunts and vlogs have earned him movie roles, a gig hosting the Teen Choice Awards , and a loyal fanbase. Source: Famous Birthdays. Source: Famous Birthdays , Chicago Tribune. Source: Tubefilter. Source: Forbes. Source: We the Unicorns. Source: Instagram. Source: Insider.

David Dobrik and Liza Koshy announce split in emotional video

By Bryony Jewell For Mailonline. Since filming the show they are said to have shared several dates and he was seen supporting her at last week’s Dancing On Ice show. New romance?

We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on United States About Youtuber CoupleThing is dating, relationships.

She is known for her ‘paper crown’ that she has in many of her icons and her Minecraft skin. In a few other YouTubers’ series, she has played a handful of roles. She has a second channel for vlogs and updates called Shelby Grace. Shelby is a very positive, funny, and nice person. She’s mentioned to be an indecisive person, having changed job aspirations and college majors many times. She talks about how shy she was when she was younger but has definitely grown into a more outgoing and talkative person.

She has also mentioned how stubborn she is – for example, she didn’t ride a bike for years simply because she didn’t like the rule of having to wear a helmet. She’s a very supportive, silly, and loud person who attracts fun, supportive, and silly people as well. She typically wears makeup and known for being very adorable. She has light freckles that her makeup covers up so she reapplies them during her makeup routine.

Her Minecraft skin was a girl with reddish-brown hair, a white-grey jacket, dark shorts, and a white crown, which she calls her “paper crown.

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